The World of Darkness

The End of the World as we Know it.



The End of the World as we Know it.
Survival Training Center


Dexter Night


Ironically located in Spring Valley, there was an old converted fire house that has been renovated into a business. New paint gives it a cleaner look, than it has had in years. A sign over the large double doors reads

"The End Of The World As We Know It"
And under it "Survival Training Center"

Upon entering, one would find that the bay that used to hold the fire engines had been converted to a sales floor for the training center. Long isles lead from the front towards the center of the building.

Here one could find all sorts of survival gear for sale. From large tents that could sleep 10 or 20 people, down to single person versions. Sleeping bags, camping gear, plates, stoves, even different survival eating utensils and multi tools. Water filters, freeze dried food, camp food, and cases of MRE's. Sturdy clothing, both high tech gortex and old army surplus. Hiking boots, socks, the works. One isle had an extensive first aid section, with all manner of first aid supplies, from water proof band aid's up to family sized prebuilt first aid kits. There was a knife section with a large variety, from long machetes all the way down to utility multi tools. Hatchets, tomahawks and even camp axes. There were bows hanging from a rack to one side. Compound and recurve. Arrows for sale as well. A section of Cross bows hung from an overhead rack and the bolts for them were situated nearby. They had just about everything one would need in a survival situation, included ‘pre built' Bug Out Bags, and Survival kits.

There was a glass case with more expensive items in it. GPS, and other electronics could be found there and inspected upon requests. Generators were lined up along the wall, from small portable ones you could throw in the trunk of your car, up to ones that could light up an entire house.

Moving down the long isles towards the center of the old firehouse you'd come to a long counter that bisected the bay. There one would find the information for the Survival Training Classes. A large sign hung from the ceiling there, done in colorful chalk (More artistic now that Klepto had joined up and was pitching in. He had a flair for such things). It showed the different classes offered, Desert, Woodland, and Urban, and the different depths of training availed. These ranged from single night classes for those just starting out to get some basics, to ones that met for a weekend, and longer ones that met a few nights a week. There were even more intense options offered upon request.

There were informational pamphlets on the long counter about each class, what was offered and what would be taught. By taking one of the classes one would earn discounts for gear in the store. The bigger/longer/more in-depth of the class the better the discount for your gear afterwards.

To the right of the long counter there is a media section. Survival manuals of all sorts, sizes and complexity. From ones based off the hunger games, I.E. Survival Training for youth, all the way up to SAS and Army Ranger survival training books, with everything in between.

To the left of the long counter, one may notice the fire pole was still present in the house and extended up through the ceiling to the second floor. It looked well polished and still in use.

Where one to sign up for one of the training classes and come at the properly appointed time, they would be lead around the long counter and behind a partitioning wall. The last third of the bottom floor was the training area. It was here that the smaller/shorter classes took place. Chairs and tables were present with a large space in the center for demonstrating of different skills and talents that would come with the class. The more indepth classes went into the field for the more advanced training.

Bathrooms and a small administrative office made up the back wall of the building. To the left there was a set of spiral stairs that lead up to the second floor, and residence. (Not open to the public), and a locked door that opened to stairs leading to the basement.

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