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Hudsons Gym

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Hudsons Gym


Hudson Taylor [Fame 1, Ex boxer]


Hudson's Gym is a newly opened locale a few blocks over from the Strip and Downtown, closer to Lorenzi Park. It's not far from the freeway though the building itself is an older brick structure. Signs advertise adult and juvenile classes.

The interior is well lit but old; a central ring dominating the room as well as several training stations sprinkled about. There's a backroom office though the owner is most often on the floor. At one level, there's an upstairs apartment that the landlord rents out which the business isn't affiliated with.

The gym is available to anyone wishing to learn Fighting Style: Boxing or looking for somewhere to train in the fine art of pugilism or fisticuffs.


Personal Training Packages (1 hr instructions)

1 hr session: $100 (Resources 1)

12-pak/3 months: $500 (Resources 1)

26-pak/6 months: $900 (Resources 2)

52-pak/1 year: $1200 (Resources 3)

Memberships (includes unlimited classes)

3 months (paid in full): $300 (Resources 1)

1 year (paid in full): $500 (Resources 1-2)

Monthly: $175 (Resources 1)

Youth boxing: 1 yr (4 sessions) - $550 (Resources 2), 3 months (1 session) - $250 (Resources 1)

Group rates: $400 each for one year (best value) (Resources 1)

Active duty military, law enforcement, and fire department employees get 20% off. Hudson is also willing to negotiate reduced rates for organizations like the Big Sibling Clubs, Scouts, and other youth-based organizations.

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The gym is within the Storm Crow's borders; markings on the door and brick outside were done by claws and denote the Blood Talons tribal symbol in subtle places. A sign on the glass advertises four lost dogs and to call 'Sirnef' if found, a phone number provided.