The World of Darkness

Wolf Moon Occult Shop



Wolf Moon Occult Shop


Tristen Pickering


Above the entrance door hangs an old hand crafted broom with a carving of the "Green Man" in its handle. Below it rests a sign "blessed be all who enter" As the door opens a small chiming of a bell can be heard, as you enter. The mixed aroma of various incense and herbs cling to the air nearly permeating your very being. The scents seem to bring a peaceful calm over an over excited mind. "rest," they say, "come, relax" the pull of the scents into the pours of the mind. The lights are kept dim in this place, as candles give the majority of illumination. The very ambiance of the atmosphere calls out to the spiritual minded, and entices those whom never experienced such a thing to dive deeper into the unknown. All around you crystals glitter in the low light and geodes sparkle. On tables assorted candles of veering size and color sit. Some hand made some not, they range from bees wax to lards, scented and unscented, in glass containers and not. There seems to be no organization to them or their layout. Just there for the picking as one explores Wolf Moons shop floor.

As you explore deeper into the store you notice beautiful crafted book shelves lining the Northern most wall. They appear to be categorized my religious preference and ordered so one can easily see the titles. Everything from, Paganism: An Introduction to Earth-Centered Religions to Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs, books on gems and runes all the way to information on spirit matters and invocations. To the right of the bookshelves a beaded curtain hangs over an entryway, as you pass thought it this room seems to have more light within than the rest of the shop, all about it are hand crafted goods of various nature, some might call them light and dark or even grey magic. Handmade mirrors and athema, necklaces and charms, potions and salves, the room is adorned from wall to wall with goods on consignment from the local occult and magical community. Here there is no telling what one may find. A sigh sits on a stand in the middle of the room. "Wolf Moon is not responsible for whatever the customer purchase within the confines of this room. All purchases are made at the knowledge and risk to the person doing so."

When one leaves the confines of the consignment area the find themselves looking south and to another door. It is locked and has several runes carved onto it. Further south what was once the men's and women's restrooms now completely gutted and remodeled is what one might call a larder, within are more shelves. To one side rows of oils and tonics, on the other wall incenses ranging from cone to stick and even resin. At the very center wall the shelves are lined with glass jars and below each a lab with the name and recommended use of the herbs and spices that are held in each jar. Some are local and others from afar, but you can tell that it's this room that gives the shop its smell. Finally to the very Southern wall of the shop one can see tapestries and a large assortment of ritual clothing. Most appear to be of organic fibers, but a few obviously machine made.

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