The World of Darkness

Downtown Vegas

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Splat-Specific Information




Magnus Martinnson and Jesse Taylor have a second office at Matteo's and it is part of the keepers protection as is the DSA office..






Downtown Vegas, on the off skirts of the strip a bit away from the busy hustle and bustle of the night life that pulled the tourists in.

Notable locations

Division of Supernatural Affairs Headquarters - A relatively non-descript building in the northern part of the downtown area, it nevertheless holds the attention of the city's supernatural population. The home of Nevada's first DSA office and the Marshal overseeing the Division for the state, it serves as the central point of activity for the agency.

Matteo's - Nestled into the busy downtown area between two office buildings, this small Italian restaurant is touted as one of the best in town by all the proper food blogs if you pay attention to such things. Even if it's crowded the owner, an older gentleman who gave his name to the place, always makes people feel welcome.