The World of Darkness

Lorenzi Park

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Splat-Specific Information




Part of the claimed protectorate of the Keepers; the cabal's sigils can be seen throughout the park when looked at under a variety of Mage Sights.

Although the Right of Crossing is respected by the cabal, it has also been stated that any Spirit practitioners who wish to work in the park will need to clear it by the cabal first. Spirit familiars are also to be left outside of the park.




Territory of the Storm Crows, with markings made clear to those with the nose for them


Originally known as Twin Lakes, Lorenzi Park is one of the reasons that Las Vegas is a great place for kids and people who like outdoor activities.

Located just west of downtown Las Vegas Lorenzi Park has tennis courts, softball, an extensive playground, lots of trees and grass, a five acre pond, a rose garden barbeque facilities and lots of picnic tables.

The park is huge with over 59 acres. For special events there is the Sammy Davis Festival Plaza. There are four softball fields, 15 picnic areas, 10 tennis courts, two basketball courts and a jogging path.

Lorenzi park has also home to the Nevada State Museum and the Nevada Historical