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Allies/Influence Rules

Welcome to the way we are doing allies [aka influence] on Las Vegas.

Mortal society is the gel that keeps the world of darkness going. Without them many of the splats couldn't function. Vampires would go hungry, Mages could make the world in their own image, Werewolves wouldn't have a reason to police the gauntlet, Lost wouldn't be able to hide. They are all around you, always watching, always waiting for something better to come along in life. Until the candy coating over the world of darkness was partially eaten away by the exposure, they went about their lives as if what you saw, was what you get. Though, many slept with the closet door shut, checked under the bed and often had a feeling they where being watched.

While that is not the case as much, there are still some that disbelieve the media (DeNile is not a river in Egypt Yo), many have taken to loving the new world, as others have taken to wanting to tear it down.

Mortals, could be your friend or your enemy. So just like before: one must take care, some humans wield allies just as capably as a elder vampire.

With that said, I am proud to introduce a system of influence that is taken from a combination of classic world of darkness, and the new world of darkness.

Allies, is the new Influence.

And as such you MUST inform the Mortal admin exactly what type of influence you have and can not buy above 3 at character creation.

You can have Allies from 1 dot to 5 (a total of 30 experience points) and each dot, allows you to be able to do something specific with that Allie/influence. The following is a system to give you a idea of what level of Allie you need for what you want done. These with be spread out in their own forum post, broken up for easy reading and can be found through this link: Forum Entry

Be sure to finish reading this , to understand how this works here.

Golden Allies/Influence Rule since allies is new world of darkness for influence, I will be using the words interchangeably.

Regardless of the levels on your sheet, the success of any given influence action often depends on you providing a thorough and well planned action to take place. As a general rule influences that are more richly described and have research, and clear forethought behind them will do better than actions that show poor planning.

Allies/Influence Types allowed in Las Vegas

  • Bureaucracy
  • Church
  • Finance
  • Health
  • High Society
  • Industry
  • Legal
  • Media
  • Occult
  • Police
  • Politics
  • Street
  • Transportation
  • Underworld
  • University
  • Military
NOTE: Because Las Vegas has Nelli's Air-force base, and not far away testing sites Military will be allowed however it will be EXTREMELY restricted.

Rules to buying or gaining Allies/influence

1. Influence inherently can't be stolen or willed posthumously to other characters. A character's influence does continue to exist after a character dies, and can be taken over by other characters after his death. A character can give another character a free Trace action on his influence by introducing them to it. This allows the other character to attempt to take the influence after your character's death. Influence(s) can be given to others, or turned over in character through role play (But not after death) and the one getting the influence still pays for the merit.

2. Starting with allies/influence at character creation

  1. Allies must be bought with merit points up to 3. Beyond 3 must have previous permission from the mortal ST, as there is ONLY so much influence to go around.
  2. Each Allie/Influence MUST be allotted to a sphere of influence in one of the allowed influence mentioned above:
    1. For instance you can have Allies : Underworld 3
  3. If your character is not from the city, then you may not start with any influence in the city.
(there maybe a adjustment to how much influence you may start off with depending on tier creation later on)

3. You many only have as much influence as you have dots on your sheet, a combination of your Intelligence, wits, Resolve, Strength, Dex, Stamina, Presence, manipulation and composure (NOT the phantom dots) Each sheet has the potential to have 45 dots, if you manage to get each section to have 3 dots, you have access to 27 dots of Influence. You may NOT have more influence then you do have filled in dots.

4. NO character may have more then 2 influences at 5

Add ons to help with Allies/Influence

1. Status: Status normally denotes your rank in a certain type of life. There are police officers who are required to have a certain amount of status to denote, beat cop, detective, or even Status in say, Underworld to either denote being a thug or in control. As long as you have this status you gain free allies on the sphere you have status. That do not count towards your limit.

As a member of that position you hold influence up to that level, and no one bat a eye. However, if people start to attack your allies then they start to attack your credibility, how you are looked at, your maybe lose faith in your ability to do your job. If your allies in this influence are attacked. You still have the rank, the position, but you can't really do as much without being questioned. A Status 3 cop with Allies (Influence) 0 would, effectively, be limited strictly to the job at hand, and if they tried maneuver using their status, they would risk losing it.

2. Retainers We have retainer write up rules, a 1 dot retainer can have 1 dot of influence even if its in something you dont already have. You can buy up your retainer and thus their influence. They can not grow influence higher then your dot in retainer. You may use these retainers as your bodyguards, hit-man, door man...couch...but keep in mind you can also lose this resource. If you lose the retainer you do not get the experience back for it.

3. Mentor If you have a mentor, it will be made by the ST. They MIGHT be willing to help you. But you must roll to get their help, to get them to use their allies/contacts. Usually this roll would be Presence+ Persuasion but can also be Manipulation+Subterfuge. IF you FAIL this roll, you roll a chance dice ..if you fail the chance dice (making it a dramatic failure) your mentor may become angry with you, and even work against you without some major ass kissing to get back in their good graces. Just like Retainers, the more dots in Mentor the more powerful they are.

4. Contacts In the following forum, I will explain how to use your allies/Influence. But contacts will be used to pass information onto your character and will give you a free "watch/trace'" as per the break down of how you can use your influences.

Purchasing/Gaining Allies/Influence Again

In the following forum post how influence will and can be used. But, there are three ways to gain influence. Role play it out with the Mortal ST. Or, use your influence in growth and write growing your influence through the forums. Or, buy it. Now, here is the trouble:

  1. If you role play it, you get to buy the allie/influence at new dot x2
  2. If you do not role play it, put no effort towards earning it beyond experience, its double the cost. So, new dot x 4
  3. If you chose not to role play it at all, but use the detailed behind the scenes growth method it will be new dot x 3

Naturally those who have the half off bonus for allies/Contacts get that still.

Allie/Influence actions

Each sphere of Allies has a specific area they can work in, the more you have the more you can do. In the allies/influence game, it is a very political thing and also a very dangerous thing. Now, because the staff is not mean, if you lose your influence you will be given half the experience back , but not full experience to reflect that you have actually lost something. Normally if you lose something on your sheet in the new world of darkness you don't really get compensated for it, but we are nice.

When playing the allies/influence game there are a few actions you can take.

These actions include:

  • Attack
  • Trace
  • Defend
  • Block
  • Boost
  • Combine
  • Conceal
  • Follow
  • Grow
  • Stealth
  • Watch

Each will be explained in further detail soon. 1.You only have so many actions that you can use through out the month, so you have to be careful about picking and choosing.

  • When you use a influence action, it is spent until the influence refreshes
  • Influence refreshes on the 1st of each month and the 15th of the month (this maybe subject to change depending on how this goes)
2. How many influence actions you have: This is a bit tricky.
  • Each dot of influence gains 2 actions.
    For instance:
    1 dot 2 actions
    2 dots 4 actions
    3 dots 6 actions
    4 dots 8 actions
    5 dots 10 actions

Okay. explain the actions you can take.


You can attack another's influence with your own, provided you have had a trace on the target influence to find out who owns it. To attack, you assign a number of influence action levels and that number becomes the level of the attack. If the level exceeds the victims defend level the victim loses a level of his influence and any traits set to grow

Attack requires an explanation as to how the attack is being deployed, attacked influence may be grown again for 0xp thought this takes time.


You can use your influence to prevent influence actions from taking place for that the duration between refreshes. You may also block a specific characters influence, disrupting their actions. However, you have to trace to block a specific individuals influence. Any action may be blocked. Provided that your influence level is at least equal to the endeavors level. The block's effective level is the total number of levels spent towards it. A Block, will affect all attempts at the selected endeavor during the time it takes to refresh your influence. Anyone attempting the blocked action in the city will not succeed unless they have added enough levels of boost to the attempt


Boost is simply a term used to describe spending additional unneeded influence actions to preform a endeavor, just in case someone has put up a block that needs to be overcome. If the actions spent in a boost action equal or exceed the level of the block, the action is successful. The block however does not go away if one action beats it, though. It can still be effective against any additional attempts in that area during the time between refreshes.


Combine allows you to aid the influence endeavor of another character.

To be able to preform a certain level of ability with your combine, the players working together must produce double the levels of influence needed to accomplish an ability one level lower then the ability they are aiming for. The influence contributed to a combine for such purposes needs to already be in two units of the equivalent lower level. (IE: Two level 3 influences can combine to achieve a level 4 ability. But six level 1 influences can not)

The table below gives a rough reference for how many levels of influence are needed to combine for a given target action.

Target Level Influences Required

  • 2 :: 2 level x1
  • 3 :: 2 level x2, 4 level x1
  • 4 :: 2 level x3, 4 level x2, 8 level x1
  • 5 :: 2 level x4, 4 level x3, 8 level x2, 16 level x1


Conceal can be used to hide your influence from uses of trace, the number of actions spent towards conceal generates the conceal level during the time between refreshes. Which you pit against attempts to trace it. A successful conceal will invalidate previous traces against it. (sneaky sneaky folks)


When you fear someone is going to attack your influence, you may use your defend action. To employ this special ability, assign a number of actions as the level of defend. The level of any attack directed at that influence must exceed the defend level in order to be successful.


If you want to keep a eye on what someone is doing with his influence, you can attempt to follow them with your own. Its similar to watch, except it only keeps a look out for actions preformed by a single influence. To follow someones influence you must have a successful trace already on it. To use follow assign a number of actions to establish the level of following, The follow ability will reveal all activities preformed by the targeted influence, unless any activities are hidden with equal or higher stealth.


To raise an influence with grow, you need to earn 3x the amount of grow points as the level of influence you are currently at. So if you want to grow influence to level 2 you need 3 grow points because you are at level 1. You can earn 1 point per influence level used for grow, these points carry over from cycle to cycle until you reach the maximum amount of grow points for that level. Then the whole thing starts again.

Grow requires that the player explain how the character is growing their influence, this is because you earn grow points depending on whether or not the character is actively doing something for their influence to make them more powerful. So you may not actually recieve all the points for levels spent if what the character is doing is actually NOT enough. Growing becomes more difficult for the higher levels of influence. This is also the only way you may buy influence without actually doing a personal scene, or forum post.

For example: Nadia wants to grow her underworld influence to 4, she has 3. She needs 9 grow points. She uses two levels on grow during her first cycle. Her explanation earns her 2 grow points, which gives her a total of 2 out of 9 to grow. If she had used all 3 levels of her influence she would have earned a total of 3. She repeats this process until she gets her 9 points. To get to level 5, the process would start again , except that she needs to grow 12 points.


Influence is not something that you get to buy and then forget about. Influence can be stolen on Final death, or if there has been no communication with your influence for a period of a month (two refresh cycles). To steal you must have completed a successful trace action on the influence you want to steal. When you steal someones influence, get one level of their influence automatically if you do not have any in that sector. You must roll the appropriate dice pool, for every other influence that you are stealing. On a win you gain that level, if you fail you fail to steal the influence but may grow it over time, on a dramatic failure you actually lose a dot in that influence.

Stealth Stealth is added to endeavors to counter the use of follow and watch. If the number of action levels spent to add stealth to a endeavor equals or exceeds the level of the follow or watch, the endeavor remains undetected. Stealth can be applied to all actions , including block, follow, trace or watch. (sneaky sneaky, yo)


Trace helps establish the identity of the character who's influence you have come into contact with. You can not simply guess that a character has a influence in a particular category and then attempt to trace it. you must first have to come into contact with it in one of several ways. This can be accomplished by noticing one of the targets endeavors with the watch, by stopping one of the targets endeavors with the block, by having one of your own by the targets use of block, or by having your influence attacked by theirs.

Additionally, if someone combines their influence with yours you an trace them. Finally if the target ever tells you a great detail about his influence (ie allows you to trace it) you can preform trace. The total actions spent on trace will define its level. The level of trace must exceed the highest level of conceal put up to guard the influence in that game to make the trace successful. Success tells you the influence owners identity, and if their influence is higher then yours or not. It also gives you a general description of the influence.

You can not simply tell relay the information of the trace to someone else, its to complex they have to have their own influence trace it. Though if you are successful on a trace, you can relay enough information for the person you tell to preform a trace of their own.


Watch is used when you want to notice a certain influence action in a city from the influence spheres above. Your influence must be of sufficient level to preform that action before you can watch it. A watch will let you know when and how often the action is attempted in the city for the duration of between refreshes. And you can even discover uses of the action that occurred earlier in the game before the watch was instituted. The total number of levels spent on the watch defines its level, of course. You can also watch for the following: Block, follow (only those targeted at you) and watch.

The more actions you put into something the stronger the action is and the harder it is to over come.

AGAIN:Again, you must inform the Mortal Admin if you purchase allies [influence] at character creation, and can not buy above 3