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Universal Haven Rules

Due to the fact that the various splats have an insane number of different submerits tied to the general concept of "place I can lay my head without getting it knocked in", we are going to be using the more universal system below in the future.

You do not divvy up the dots put into Size between the Size Elements, nor the Security dots between the structural elements (Locks, Windows, etc). The dots rating in the Merit are used to see what structural integrity the location has.

Safe Haven

Three categories, each with five dots in them.


Beneficial add-ons that are not necessarily combat- or security-related. Each dot in this category gives 4 "Amenities" build points.


Add-ons that increase the safety of the building and the people within it. Each dot in this category gives 4 "Security" build points, as well as basic stats for the locks and windows in the building for B&E purposes.


Each dot of Size that a Safe Haven has denotes both the amount of space or number of rooms that the building encompasses as well as the general structural features of the building. These base features can be found in Sanctum & Sigil, but will be posted below for those who don't have the book handy.

Amenities Elements

Build Points

  • Archive: Covers Library/Temple Library, research done within only takes 15 minutes per roll rather than 30 for the owner; the time remains 30 minutes for visitors unless the owner guides them through the arrangement of information.
  • Demense: 3-dot if the soul stone is your own, 4-dot if it is someone else's. Mage only
  • Features: Replaces original Amenities merit; dot rating determined by feature in question. Can also be used for mundane equipment (generators, etc), costing Resources dots in build points.
  • Gateway: Rated 1-5, passages into other realms. Hedge (replaces Doors), Shadow (Locus), Twilight (Twilight Gate as per the Mage spell, 2-dot), Underworld (Avernian Gate; replaces Fluidity)
  • Geomantic Nexus: Potency is 1-3 dots, choose one Attribute when purchased. Currently Vampire-only; may be open to other venues at ST discretion
  • Location: Bonuses gained to feeding rolls due to location of the Safe Haven.Vampire only
  • Mobility: As the Mobile Hollow merit, meant for Safe Havens that are locations in other realms. 1-5 dots.
  • Occultation: Available to all types; for Hollows, this merit applies to finding the Doors
  • Point of Power: 1-5 dots, for Hallows and Haunts (replaces Fluidity); Locus is under Gateway
  • Portable: Allows the user to move or build a temporary Safe Haven, meant for Safe Havens that are located in the mundane world. 1-dot.
  • Prelacy Temple: 1-5 dots, depending on the Temple initiation of the mage setting it up. Mage only
  • Ritual Door: One-way access to the Safe Haven from anywhere. Changeling only
  • Scriptorium: Mage: reduces the costs to learn rotes of the designated Arcanum by half (NRx1), one Arcanum per dot. Vampire: The designated Coils of the Dragon, one per dot, cost NRx5 to raise.
  • Spells: Non-combat spells only; highest Arcanum denotes dot cost, Max Spell Potency is equal to mage's Gnosis + Size. Mage only

Security Elements

Build Points

  • Guardian Retainer (mortal) and Supernatural Guardian (Ghost, Spirit, Hob)
  • Guardian Retainer: Built as mundane retainer, 1-5 dots
  • Supernatural Guardian: 1 dot = Rank 1, 2 dot = Rank 2, 3 dot = Rank 3 (Ranks for ghosts/hobs will be determined and posted below)
  • Structural Integrity: For 5 build points, the Sanctum is considered to be one Size higher as far as the base architectural structures are concerned. This can only be purchased once.
  • Wards: Mundane (Security systems) or magic (Mage spells, Hollow wards)
  • Mage spells: Max Potency = Gnosis + Size, dot cost = highest Arcanum
  • Mundane Security System and Hollow Wards: rating = penalty to break-ins


Note: Applies to entire building. Each point adds a one-die penalty to attempts to break into the building.

- No locks on the doors...trusting, aren't you?
- Durability 5, Structure 6
●● - Durability 6, Structure 7
●●● - Durability 7, Structure 8
●●●● - Durability 8, Structure 9
●●●●● - Durability 9, Structure 10

Size Elements

Outer Walls

- Brick or stone (Durability 3)
- Brick (reinforced) or metal (Durability 4)
●● - Brick (reinforced) or metal (Durability 5)
●●● - Reinforced (Durability 6)
●●●● - Reinforced (Durability 7)
●●●●● - Reinforced (Durability 8)

Interior Walls

- Wood or plaster (Durability 2)
- Reinforced wood or stone (Durability 3)
●● - Metal, or reinforced wood or stone (Durability 4)
●●● - Reinforced wood, stone or metal (Durability 5)
●●●● - Reinforced stone or metal (Durability 6)
●●●●● - Reinforced metal (Durability 7)


Note: One Size 5 door per room.

- Wood (Durability 2, Structure 7)
- Reinforced wood (Durability 3, Structure 8)
●● - Reinforced wood or metal (Durability 4, Structure 9)
●●● - Reinforced (Durability 5, Structure 10)
●●●● - Reinforced (Durability 6, Structure 11)
●●●●● - Reinforced (Durability 7, Structure 12)


ALL exterior rooms (rooms with at least 1 exterior facing wall) are assumed to have a minimum of one to two windows unless noted otherwise. If your building does not it must have been custom built with special arrangements to avoid including windows.

Default Window stats are: Size 2, Durability 1, Structure 3)

Every Dot of security applied to the haven that apples to the room in questions adds a -1 penalty to attempts to jimmy the windows. Also, up to 3 additional build points from Security can be applied to that room and assigned to reinforcing the windows adding a +1 Durability for up to a Maximum of +3.

Up to 4 Security Build points may be used to apply the havens windows to add Shutters.


- No Shutters
- Wooden (+2 Durability)
●● - Security Shutters (+3 Durability)
●●● - Reinforced Metal Security Shutters(+4 Durability)

In addition to the 3 levels above 1 point may be spent to apply that havens "Locks" rating to the shutters.

Please note while functional shutters are still seen on occasion, security shutters and locking shutters are obvious to any observer and blatantly intended for security. However, by using 1 "Amenities" build point you may make the shutters "concealed" this will conceal the shutters from casual observers when not in use.

When "concealed" shutters are in use they will still be blatantly obvious. Like wise when not in use if the window is examined by anyone with the security ability they will be aware of the security shutters. .

Haven Examples

Example: Ordo Dracul Chapterhouse

Amenities 2 (8 build points), Security 2 (8 build points), Size 3

Amenities: Archives 3 (Local History, Ley Lines, Werewolves), Geomantic Nexus 2 (Intelligence), Occultation 1, Scriptorium 2 (Coils of Blood, Coils of Banes)

Security: Mundane Wards 3, Structural Integrity 5

Example: Mysterium Athenaeum

Amenities 4 (16 build points), Security 5 (20 build points), Size 4; Scriptorum 6 (Depth 3, Subjects 3) purchased separately

Amenities: Archive 5 (Mind, Spirit, Death; Alchemy, Ley Lines), Features (Underground Greenhouse) 3, Hallow 3, Occultation 3, Workshop (Alchemical Lab) 2

Security: Guardian Retainer 5 (Rotating staff of mages and sleepwalkers), Plasticity (Stone doors able to seal themselves at a touch) 3, Supernatural Guardian (Rank 2 Earth Elemental) 2, Supernatural Guardian (Rank 2

Knowledge Spirit) 2, Supernatural Guardian (Rank 2 Knowledge Spirit) 2, Space Ward (Potency 9) 3, Time Ward (Potency 9) 3

NOTE: Please keep in mind your resources to make your haven when you do.