Site Rules

General Rules

1. While in the OOC room be respectful to your fellow players and the venue staff. Though a certain game line may not be your favorite, refrain from personal attacks. If a problem arises in-game, speak to your venue ST about it first. If the problem is out-of-game, see rule 7.

2. We all have personal lives apart from the game. Please don't harass your fellow players about the game in the lobby or over IM. Reminding someone it's their post in a forum is fine, sending them a reminder every five minutes until they post is harrassment.

3. Please don't recruit for other sites. Many players here are active on other WoD sites as well but this isn't the place to advertise them. Please take such conversations to IM or PM's.

4. Mature content may occur in the game. Provided both parties agree to it, role play whatever you're both comfortable with. If at any point one of the parties becomes uncomfortable, fade to black. The onus is on the uncomfortable party to blow the whistle and when they do, that's it. Fade. Use discretion when posting logs containing mature content. If a fade out occurs in a combat scene then a moderator will determine the likely outcome which may include PC death.

5. Courtesy in scenes. If your net fails in the middle of combat your character won't be summarily killed. However, leaving a combat scene with the intent of ignoring it is unacceptable. If you are unwilling to play it out to its finish, a moderator will determine the likely outcome which may include PC death. Do not argue with a moderator about a ruling mid-scene; if you do not agree with the ruling speak to the moderator about it afterwards. The staff are knowledgeable about their venues but not perfect, we're all humans and humans make mistakes.

6. Please conduct private scenes in private rooms. (Unless the setting is in a open room and you could get caught! Would make for a awkward but interesting scene) . Open rooms are considered open scenes; it's polite to ask before jumping into other peoples playing but if the game occurs in an open room, it's open to anyone. The flip-side of this is to please not conduct all of your scenes as private ones. This makes it difficult to meet new PC's or for other players to find activity. Reach out your hand and say hello, you might meet someone just like you it's really great to know.

7. If you have a problem, concern, or complaint out-of-game please contact a venue head first in a private forum post. If, after a reasonable amount of time, the venue head has not addressed your problem then feel free to take it to either Fairfolk or Lazarus, the site owners.. If your problem is with the head of your venue, please contact the owners. This is not something to be used for minor grievances or because a ruling went against you but for serious issues. Use discretion.

8. The golden rule. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. Not everyones interpretations of the WoD are the same but we're all here to have fun. Suspend your disbelief, hop in, and enjoy.

9. Your very welcome to run your own scenes. In fact we encourage it as long as it does not conflict with the over all theme of the site. Usually, for such scenes you could get up to 3xp extra, but the condition is that you must have 2 players, and yourself. And after the scene the short scene should be sent to the ST of the venue, or all sts if it involves multiple venues. And who knows..maybe what you come up with for that night (and if you want longer you need to speak to a ST and get approval) might become a longer ran story!

10. All scenes that are not private (intimate scenes) are to be logged in the forums and cleaned up so they are able to be read. If you are plotting and do not want the player to read your plotting, please insure that the log is sent to the staff members who run the system your dealing with.