The Setting

How other countries view the reveal

Below is a quick snapshot of how the world has reacted to the Revelation in the nearly two years since it's occurrence. If you have a character from a particular region keep these in mind, and if you have any questions on how your particular splat handled the chaos in your home city or country please prod your venue ST.

North America

United States

  • One of the few First World countries that has maintained full citizenship for the Kindred.
  • Introduction of the Lioncourt Act, active in May of 2013, requires the supernatural to register with the US government; as incidents against American supernaturals rise, the hurried release of the Act is being questioned and there are talks of repealing or reforming the Act.
  • Introduction of the Division of Supernatural Affairs, a branch of the Department of Homeland Security put into place after the initial riots in early 2013 to protect the citizens of the United States (later expanded to include revealed and registered supernaturals)
  • A number of larger cities have enclaves set aside for the local vampire population, akin to the Red District in Las Vegas
  • Major cities that sported riots during the early chaos of the Revelation: San Francisco, Atlanta, Saint Louis, Baltimore.
  • Since July of 2013, the state of Utah has quietly been depopulated of undead whether through Final Death or voluntary departure. Those who have left will not give a reason as to why, simply stating that they did not feel welcome.


  • Even more so than their neighbors to the south, Canada has opened its arms to its native meta-humans, even to the point of being puzzled that other countries didn't know about them. This accepting stance has brought a number of refugees from other countries, but some of the local supernaturals are concerned. It is true that the nation is stereotypically polite, but the question remains: when is the other shoe going to drop?


  • The rioting in the larger cities of Mexico were on par with those in Egypt when the Revelation occurred, naturally fueled by those who had made the journey to the country to "celebrate" the end of the world as foretold by the Mayans. The drug cartels still run the show in some cities but now have stronger wares to sell and stronger men to guard them, while the government enlists meta-humans who are able and (mostly) willing to rebuild the country once again.


  • ?


Eastern Europe (Romania, Moldovia, Hungry, And Austria)

  • Have met the revelation as "Didn't you know that before?" They consider the vampires a blessing and a curse, after all Vlad Tepes is to this day considered a hero and believed to be cursed by god for the things that he did against the church. They have a don't ask don't tell policy as they are still very superstitious.

The EU

  • Akin to Japan, the EU sees vampirism as more of a public health issue and are working on legislation of their own (although not as "rushed" as the American Lioncourt Act).
  • Individual countries are responding in their own ways, most of them conservatively; Portugal and Spain are particularly harsh on their vampiric populations, taking the edicts of Pope Benedict to heart.
  • Rumors of EuroCorps (the EU combined military) dealing with potential outbreaks contravening the authority of the local government.
  • France, as a rule, treats their local supernatural population much as they treat the local Muslim population - like shit.
  • A series of quietly-set-up hostels, run by an elusive set of benefactors, have been set up in the hardliner countries to get those who want out out.


  • During the first two months of the Revelation, Pope Benedict XVI released a papal bull against the undead that fomented fervent opposition to the vampire presence within Italy and spoke out against anything even remotely resembling the American Lioncourt Act, leading to a sizable number of refugees coming to other countries including the United States. Since his resignation, however, Pope Francis has softened the Vatican's view on the supernatural while not fully repealing the edict of his predecessor.


  • Hates everything. Just the rumor of being a vampire or were-creature can get you killed at worst, taken to a facility and tortured at best.
  • There are rumors that many of the Cossacks were/are were creatures and many of them have fled the country or were outright killed.

United Kingdom

  • Wider acceptance of the werewolves overall, thanks to a terrorist incident in the London Underground tube under Parliament that would have gone horribly awry if not for the intervention of a number of the city's packs.
  • The Church of England neither confirms nor denies the existence of the so-called Hellsing Initiative, but a number of prominent undead in the UK have gone missing in the year since the Revelation.
  • Rumors of the IRA forming up hunter cells of their own in Northern Ireland have surfaced, but nothing definitive.



  • The People's Republic of China has not acknowledged the Revelation at all within its borders and its people officially remained blissfully unaware of vampires as those with the resources have managed to keep the human populace ignorant, and those who try to step out of the coffin tend to never have to sleep in one again. They also, as a way to keep up the original Masquerade, go out of their way to insure information on other supernaturals remain out of the news. Their take on it is, that they do not allow news from other countries to air, and dismiss anything that gets through as a huge hoax; the trade in 'black market news' is thus particularly brisk. Visiting supernaturals are expected to uphold the true Masquerade or they tend to be subject to sunlight justice.
  • Of course, some of the population has known of their ancestors lingering on this earth long after their passing and now protect these ancients much as they have protected their families over the centuries.
  • Taiwan is the rare exception to the vampiric purge, if only due to the very deep hold that the local Kindred have in the area. The Shadow Court is not so much in the shadows anymore, and the government in the mainland is quietly discussing what needs to be done about the issue.


  • Prevalence of Shinto beliefs in the country, as well as members of a lodge dedicated to relations between the children of Amaterasu and Tsukiyomi revealing themselves as the long-standing protectors of the royal family, allow for a somewhat more welcoming environment for the Forsaken, although many still consider them to be yokai, or demon-blooded.
  • The vampire condition is considered to be more of a public health concern, leading those Kindred who have been revealed to be kept under very strict restrictions as far as feeding and other exposure to the general populace is concerned. Some medical companies have begun to do scientific research on the condition, with varying levels of success.


  • North Korea, already having a firm grip on its populace, has kept nearly all news of the Revelation from making it to its people. Those supernaturals that are exposed or go public are rarely seen again, but then again that's always been the case...

Southeast Asia

  • The predominantly Muslim countries (Malaysia, etc) treat the vampires and werewolves much as their brothers in faith in the Middle East, dealing with them only if they must. Thailand takes more of a don't ask don't tell tact, and the jungle kingdoms of the undead remain undisturbed...for now, at least.

Middle East

Muslim World

  • In general, the werewolves are treated like a form of djinn, while the vampires are seen as servants of Shaitan. Even so, the major oil-producing countries (barring Saudi Arabia, who stand staunchly against the undead) care more about the money coming in than whether you're breathing or not, so the presence of the undead is...tolerated.


  • Already seeped in the growing chaos thanks to the government protests that had begun the month before, Egypt was shaken to the core when the Revelation reared its head. Wide swaths of the major cities burned as the ire against the government was turned towards wiping out the darkness in their midst. Fingers were pointed in many directions as to the cause of the turn, and the country is still recovering from the force of the violence that occurred.
  • Amid the rubble, however, there has been a sizable uptick in worship of the old Egyptian gods, followed closely by rumors of ancient vampires who can walk in the daylight without bursting into flames.


  • The official line from the Council of Experts that the Revelation is a work of blasphemous fiction from the Western World meant to foment dissent and incite revolution against the rightful government of the Islamic republic, and those who truck with these so-called Revealed will be treated as blasphemers themselves.


  • Rumors of unrevealed supernaturals in the highest echelons of the government began to circulate almost immediately and have never died down since.


  • Something of a grab bag depending on the parts of the continent one goes into. Events ranging from the Orisha supposedly walking the streets in Nigeria among their chosen werewolf followers to the new 'blood diamonds' made from the super-condensed ashes of vampires killed in the streets of Sierre Leone and blood-addled bush cultists worshiping their undead patrons like gods have been reported, and who knows what hasn't made the news...
  • Subsaharan Africa - Due to the animist beliefs in the majority of the area the werewolves are far more welcomed, but vampires are seen as the dead possessed by demons or evil spirits. Declaring someone to be a vampire or associated with one will usually get that person lynched at best.


  • Much like the United States Australia is welcoming of both their Kindred and Uratha populations, somewhat jokingly running along the logic of "Everything here is already deadly, the people being more so doesn't make much difference." They do keep a tight throttle on how many refuges from other countries are allowed asylum there, however, but there is also no push for registration as there was in the States.