The Setting

Department of Supernatural Affairs

When Vampires came out, there was a lot of chaos and death. The United States government was quick to initiate a new branch of Home Land Security, tasking these humans to keep the peace between vampiric meta humans and mundane people.

The DSA, has a department head a US Marshal who employs and sees to the training of new recruits through out their state. The recruits are deputy marshals. The head of the department is more often then not, fairly well known to the public as each also tends to handle their own news coverage, which means that the US Marshal gets to determine what the public knows and does not know.

Vampires and werewolves are considered biological weapons of mass destruction and after serious breaks of the law, require lethal force. With the new laws, the DSA are capable of getting orders of execution with enough proof, and carry out their sentence with a frightening skill.

And each case is recorded to insure that the agents are not using lethal force without justification. The laws to deal the supernaturals are not as gentle as the laws of the human court.

Division is actually a "big" Gun. They don't deal with little stuff, that is left to the boys in blue, as the police force has welcomed vampires and shifters to deal with lower levels of crime. Most crimes that are committed would fall under the PD. It is the very dangerous ones, the street wars, the serial killers, the mass murders , hate crimes, are what Division deals with.

Divisions purpose is to be a shield. They are suppose to be a buffer of shorts between the humans and supernaturals. And between the Supernaturals and each other.

Originally it was just a team of humans, but of late they have opened the doors to those meta-humans who they felt would be useful in dealing with issues. Part of this was to stop the turn over rate of the deputies and part of it was to show the two communities that they do have the best interest of all.

Joining division is actually rather difficult, as each deputy marshal is chosen by the department head of each state. (which translates can NOT start as a DSA agent)

What XXXXXX knows about the DSA:


There is reason to fear the DSA. Rumor among the harpies and those who put their ear to the ground say that the Department head is a Government hunter, but they are unsure.


Across the Country There is a idea that the DSA are hunters of some sort or another and likely where prior to the reveal. It is unconfirmed.

Las Vegas - But, rumor has it that the department head is potentially blooded as she definitely has a blooded child and her Husband is a Uratha.


Humans, are aware that the DSA hires from the Police force, and usually those who have military backgrounds. Most have pristine military records, no dishonorable discharges. They appear to be very good at their jobs, though they have had a few deaths in the last year. However, they do seem to like the members of DSA and feel comfortable with their presence.

This is across the country. Naturally there are of course some hate groups that target the DSA due to their willingness to defend the meta-humans too but its not far and wide


Las Vegas ONLY The two partners, one the Department head herself are both GoTV trying to keep the veil from being thrown back and the abyss from opening. They have the stamp of approval from the city council and hierarch , as the Department head is a Sentinel allowing her access to the city proper. They are constantly busy trying to keep those who wish to stay in the shadows in the shadows, but are dancing on fine lines of ice.

The truth is out there

It remains to be unseen if the DSA are as true as their public face, much like the police of the day one must take them as they are. You can contact me and speak to me about any interactions your character may or may not have had with the DSA.

One thing is for certain...there is a law that states meta-humans must register and must move their registration from state to state. IF you are not, then you need to let me know. If you are, you also need to let me know.