The Setting

Feel of the game


This is to give you, the player a idea of how the feel of the game works.

Yes, Vampires are out of the coffin. Yes, Werewolves are known to exist. Yes, we are very cross over heavy.

With that said, there should be more tension. There should be more paranoia.

Is the human you are meeting a sycophant wanting to get you to bite them? Stalk you, stake you when you sleep, steal your blood?. Harass you to bite them so you can pack up and howl together under the full moon and revel in the curse? Werewolves and Vampires are out. Many have made revenue on it, many are enjoying the high life. But there is also a line that should not be crossed without trusting someone with your life.

Is the human you are talking to a hunter, seeing information on how to expose your weaknesses? Because hunters ARE still in existence, so are hate groups. Division is blanketed as peace keepers, but their head is WELL KNOWN for being a former Hunter (having Task Force Valkyrie status 4 at one point, which supernaturals PROBABLY know) Are they hunters? History would say at least one of them is. The news say they aren't. Some peoples personal experiences with them say, they aren't. Some aren't so sure. So is the human you are talking to ready to give over your information to them expose you?

Would you really give over the information that could save your ass? Is there anything that a vampire or werewolf would not share? Absolutely.

Your Clan/Auspice, your Society, Your Covenant/Tribe...verification of your powers, your rites, your life style. That is information that will get a character killed for sharing with just anyone. At least, without trusting them. You might wonder how it would get out (beyond you know, the obvious..a report)

But logs ARE required to be put up in the forums or sent to the staff (if they are super secret plotting stuff..we don't wanna know about sexy time stuff though) because there ARE eyes everywhere, you just don't see them all the time. There are people EVERYWHERE that might over hear you.

We are cross over heavy, yes.
But werewolves still don't trust vampires, as a matter of fact most are pissed as hell at them for exposing the supernatural world.
Vampires, the older you are the more paranoid you you are suddenly exposed after years of the Masquerade keeping you safe.
Humans, are more accepting. Some are ready to throw themselves down and fuck the hell out of you, let you bite them, follow you around and even let you use them as a chair...but others...are terrified. Others, will treat you with disdain, some will treat you like its a huge hoax. Acceptance is not wide, despite them being out.

Imagine, when the slaves where freed. It took decades to get rid of segregation.
Women, really haven't been considered equal up until the last 50 years, and even then its still a up ward battle.
And vampires, have only been out 2 years...Werewolves less.

This is a powder keg waiting to be lit to blow the world to shit. The world of darkness had at least a candy coating on top prior to 2 years ago and people could pretend there was no nugget in the middle. Now, the candy coating has been torn off and the truth exposed...a little of the truth exposed. And that exposure, in reality is shit. If humans look past the glamor they will see the world for what it is. And when they do that..the things that go bump in the night will have reason to fear.

Mortals, are affected by humanity, they are affected by primal urge. Sometimes the wyrd leaks through to show the fae under, sometimes the mage makes a mistake and the abyss slaps them, leaving the human wondering..WTF just happen? But the difference between the first two and the second two, are that the second twos people are QUICK to depose of those who rock the boat , for fear of their own exposure. The changeling's at least have the option of trying to expose the others, but that is a inner war that is on the verge of breaking out. The mages, will just kill you.

The Vampires and Werewolves are struggling. They are struggling to be accepted as more then a bio-hazard, as more then a animal that is rabid. But their humanity and primal urge work against them.

Vampires and Werewolves know, that the secrets they can keep, they MUST. Or they will lose more ground on a already slippery slope.

No matter how stalwart you are as a human, no matter how much you deal with the others are affected. You feel it. You are uncomfortable. You can see them as attractive, you can see them as intense. But you ARE on edge around them. Period. Your lizard brain KNOWS that something isn't right. Humans have a tendency to either be strongly attracted to and repulsed at the sometime, by what they cant understand, OR seek to destroy it. Which side do you fall you court the danger with wariness, or do you try to fight back while pissing your pants?

The only way not to be affected is to be supernatural. Or to be as inhumane as the monsters and even then, your wary.

Just a thought, as Id seen a few of this going on. While this is a new setting, unique to the world of darkness it is potentially a more frightening setting as things are actually worse for all sides, there is no illusions of safety. And getting to comfortable with the darkness will only get you killed faster.

Please keep this in mind when you play your characters, learn through role play to ease up to those you know. Though it is very okay to spread misinformation around, which both the vampires and werewolves like to do.